TLC was on set shooting the music videos for “Way Back” and “Haters” today in California and as always we’ve got the exclusive scoop!  

  • The video is being shot by Robot Films with director Chris Robinson at a house in Burbank with a pool in the backyard full of pink flamingos and giant blow-up water toys for the pool.  Recording for the video was done in the front yard, back yard, and inside the house.  
  • The version being played during filming included Chilli’s “missing” bridge.  The album version of “Way Back” features an extended Chilli bridge which was cut for the radio edit (to the dismay of many fans).  We’re told Chilli’s bridge comes in after Snoop’s rap.
  • According to our source, “Way Back” is being shot outside the house, while “Haters” is being shot inside the house.  
  • In addition to the fans chosen to be on set, there were a group of paid models (which were being taught the lyrics to the song while on set.)  One of the models claims she was filming with Snoop Dogg on Monday and was in the car with him while filming.  Snoop Dogg filmed on a green screen during a portion of video shown by the director.
  • TLC fans were filmed sitting in a chair lip singing to the song “Haters.”
  • Chilli was seen arriving to the set in ripped jeans and a jean jacket.
  • During filming, extras are seen playing five different games – dominos, Connect 4,  throwing dice, and two more.