“Girl Talk”
(Track Masters Remix)

(featuring Nas)
(appears on the “Girl Talk” (Remix) promo)

Ah ah
Track Masters let’s go

They S-T-I-L-L
TLC P-U-M-P jams
With the S-C-R-U-B’s
Scrubs hits that make ’em listen
Ladies Nas tell you out grindin’ with a brother dancin’
It’s time for another anthem
Guys think of the girls you ran through
Don’t be surprised if they talk about the size of his handle
Get handled
Cuz when you hit ’em and leave ’em you give ’em a reason
To get a rumor started that you little repeated
You gotta twist ’em and beat it
Mama who go the deepest
They tell they girls who’s delinquent
If their belly don’t hurt when you freak it
They gon’ leak it
So wrap the tally and work it
Gorilla it to pieces
Have ’em tellin’ they girlfriends how well I work it
I’m one hell of a worse this
So let me spell how the verse ends
Like K-Solo I’m makin’ D-O-E
Yo TLC how the S-T-O-R-Y G-O

You see I had this brother who was mad at me
Cuz I told my home girl that he wasn’t packin’
Told the truth so I really don’t give a damn
That I spilled the beans on his little short stamen (oh)
Some of y’all be foolin’ us
Big feet big hands just plain big
But sex ain’t worth a damn
We women wanna know these things
If y’all got the bat but not the swang

Put in work
If you don’t want the girl to talk
And you don’t want your feelings hurt
Put in work
Cause if you don’t 
That girl’s just gon’ go spreadin’ the word

Girls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget ya told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’ 
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’

Listen y’all need to know this
That we’ll straight up go tell your business
So if you’re gonna come you better come with it
If you ain’t swingin’ just put your tongue in it (oh)
Some of y’all be killin me
Thinkin’ you got powers like Austin
But you’re more like Mini-Me
And when you finally get your blood flowin’
It be lookin’ like a pinky with a glove on it



What up papi
You think you got game?
(Well holla at me)
I know you’re feelin’ like my sexual tame
Can make ya happy
You’ll remember me
Left Eye – TLC
You got to lick it before you stick it
And that’s just me
I be killin’ ’em with the Gucci fits and kicks
And you be hurtin’ my ears with them lines so switch
And get a new approach
Your game’s a joke
Co-signin’ from the sidelines tryin’ to poke
I’m bigger than that
You’re small talk face the fact
You wanna rock the boat a little
Well earn your pass
And it’s the last call for alcohol
Meet at the bar
Me and my girls doin’ it big
We pop stars (yeah)



Left Eye