Left Eye’s Vegetable Curry

Serves 2-4 people

1 yellow onion
1 green bell pepper
4 red potatoes
1 bunch of broccoli
green cabbage
2 tsp. sea salt. plus two extra dashes
3 tbs. cumin
6 tbs. curry powder
a dash of cayenne pepper
olive oil
1 stick corn oil margarine
1 deep dish pan
1 small pot

1. Turn to your favorite radio station.
2. Rinse all veggies.
3. Dice all veggies.
4. In a deep-dish pan, lightly cover the bottom (inside of pan!) with olive oil.
5. On a medium heat setting, start cooking onions and peppers in pan.
6. In a separate small pot, fill halfway with water and boil red potatoes on high heat. (Boiling your potatoes in water first will remove excess, unwanted starch!)
7. Take the next 2 minutes to dance and stir onions and peppers to keep from sticking.
8. Add 1 stick of corn oil margarine. 6 tablespoons of curry. 3 tablespoons of cumin. 2 teaspoons of sea salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper to pan.
9. Once all your seasonings have soaked up in the margarine, add 3 cups of water and green cabbage and cover up your pan with a lid. (Do not stir!)
10. Use the next 7 minutes to clean up and dance. Always keep an Eye on food!
11. Drain potatoes and add to pan (Do not stir!) Lightly sprinkle potatoes with sea salt.
12. Add broccoli to pan on top of potatoes and lightly sprinkle broccoli with sea salt.
13. Cover and let cook for 7 more minutes.
14. Enjoy!