N.I.N.A. (Unreleased)


Left Eye signed to Tha Row Records in December 2001 after having a dream about a knight in shining armor that led her to believe she should work with Suge Knight.  She created a new identity, called N.I.N.A., which stands for New Identity Non Applicable.  Lisa began working on the NINA project and recorded some songs for the brand new album.  The only official release during this time period is the track “Too Street 4 T.V.” from the Dysfunktional Family soundtrack.  The NINA album was never completed and nothing from that album has leaked.

Shortly after Lisa died, Arista Records commissioned Tha Row to make a remixed version of Left Eye’s “Supernova” album with harder beats and guest rappers from Tha Row.  The album was never released, but it leaked online years later after Tha Row was shut down.  This is NOT the true “NINA” album and it features no new vocals from Lisa (it does, however, have a few word and adlib changes.)  Unfortunately, neither the remixed “Supernova” album nor the real “NINA” album will probably ever be released commercially.  Below you will find the lyrics to the leaked “Supernova” (Tha Row Remix) album.

Click each song title below for the lyrics.