Here are some of the highlights from the January 2014 issue of Sister2Sister magazine:

Ida Harris (Left Eye’s former manager):
Everything about Lisa was negative.  Maybe I’m looking at it through jaded eyes, but I just didn’t see anything positive.
[On TLC not talking about the good Pebbles did for them]  They  never talked about how they ordered diamond earrings from the Waldorf when they were in New York, or she chartered them limousines for months at a time; it’s a whole bunch of stuff. So I don’t know where all the anger is coming from.

Uncle Kyle:
Lisa told me a few weeks before she went to Honduras that she had been really researching things, and she said to me that Perri was the best thing that happened to them. When she got back, Perri was one of the main people that she wanted to talk to because she found out that it was all the powers that be at LaFace and Arista that had done this to them, as far as (taking their profits from record sales.)  She wanted to apologize to Perri but she never got the chance to.

Otrinay “Trinay” Smith:
The portrayal of her in the movie as far as being selfish, or being a drunk, that is wrong. She would give you the clothes off her back.  Also, she didn’t even drink beer. She didn’t walk around with a 40. They depicted her as if she were common.

Uncle Kyle:
Lisa wasn’t so controlled by him [Larry]. She did listen to him, but I believe that some of the things he said made sense. (Tangi says the scene where T-Boz and Chilli told Lisa that Larry was married didn’t happen; she found out on her own.)

Trinay Smith:
[On the song “Eye For An Eye,” a song that Left Eye made with her.]  I told her, ‘Don’t put it out.’ Because she expressed how she felt. It’s like a Tupac ‘Hit ‘Em Up” song.

Uncle Kyle:
[On the fire]  Lisa was not crying in the woods. Lisa was not a crier.