Reigndrop in one of the rooms in Left Eye’s house. Check out the coolness!


On Producing A Left Eye Biopic:
I’m actually working on her biopic film. It may be a feature, may be a mini-series, but it is a movie. It’s a movie of her life story and it’s going to focus on her. It’s not focusing on TLC. TLC will be in there because it’s part of her journey, but the movie is on Lisa’s life. I’m a producer on it.

On Selling The Land Lisa Owned In Honduras:
Lisa had purchased some land [a lot of acres] right next to the village that she used to stay at called Usha. She purchased the land next door. When we created the Lisa Lopes Foundation we built an orphanage on that land. We had kids there, we had people that worked there. But Honduras was going through some internal wars. I think it lasted for a couple years and it ended up getting shot up. No one was hurt but the orphanage ended up getting shot up just stuff that was going on internally in Honduras.

So the government made us take the kids out and they went to another place. So we ended up selling all the land. It was just really hard for us to maintain that here. People would squat on the land, start building and we’re all the way in America. The laws are different in a third world country. And then we’re not even citizens. So it was just really too hard to keep the land so we ended up selling it.

Music Gawds Magazine Interview with Reigndrop Lopes February from Shantell Graha, on Vimeo.