Supernova (2001)

Supernova was originally not released in the United States, although it was released in Europe. The first single, “The Block Party”, was sent to radio in the summer of 2001, becoming a top 20 hit in the U.K., but it did not perform well in the U.S. singles chart. The second single would have been “Hot!”, as was made clear at the end of her music video. However, when the album release was canceled by Arista in the United States, all further singles were canceled. Since the album was not officially released in the US, Lopes had already started to work on new material before her death in 2002.  The intended release date for the Supernova album was August 16, 2001—the day Lopes’s father died and his birthday. This is alluded to in the lyrics of the song “A New Star Is Born”. The release date of the album was ultimately pushed back several times.  The album was re-released in a remixed form in 2009 as Eye Legacy.

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