I’m talkin’ about the times I almost died, the ICU visits. I’m also talkin’ about the behind-the-scenes TLC stories that you wanted to know about and you didn’t quite know what happened but you knew somethin’ fishy was happenin’.

Some people might get upset. There’s some story about my dad but….you know sometimes when you read about yourself you may think you didn’t hurt somebody a certain way but if you read about yourself you can’t say what you did to someone else and their version of what you did. You may have saw it different. But if someone says “you hurt me,” you should listen even if you don’t think you did. I’m sure some people like that won’t be happy with some of the stories but it made me who I am.

I’m not tellin’ it because I’m trying to be messy. I’m explaining how I got to where I am today and how I became the woman I am today. Where my strength comes from. To sum it all up….It’s a girl, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister….who wants something so bad she was born to do in her soul but she has something stopping her every step of the way.

I would be a lyin’ heffer if I sat here and act like everything I did was nice or wasn’t mean at one point. Or if I didn’t punch somebody in the face. I broke this girl’s jaw and I told you why in my book. Was I right? No. Did she start it? Yeah. And I beat her ass for a reason! And I’m gon’ tell you in that book why.

“A Sick Life” coming September 12, 2017