T-Boz’s Oxtails & Collard Greens

Get your beef oxtails (two packs.)  It depends on how greedy you are.  You rinse them off really good.  Put them in water in a big pan, but you only fill the water just a tad above the oxtails.  Cut up one onion.  Season them with some Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, garlic salt and pepper, and you slowly medium cook them for six to eight hours until they’re really tender.

Then, the last thirty minutes you make some gravy.  Take flour and water and take that mixture and pour it in there.  You season them throughout the hours depending on how much salt you like.  Then they’re done.

A lot of people like to boil white rice and put the rice over them.  I also cook cornbread and collard greens.

To cook my collard greens, I take a picnic ham (about a half of one), cut up an onion and let that cook.  Then I put my leaves (about four bushels) in there after the meat is cooked for about a couple of hours.  I let that cook on medium.  Then I put one red hot chili pepper in there to give it a little spice.  Then sometimes, depending on how I want my flavor, I’ll put a capful of vinegar in them.