Story Behind This Picture! This Was My 1st Public Outing After My Brain Tumor Surgery! Once I was strong enough to leave the house! My healing process was 3years!!! It was a Gala [Dallas Austin’s 2007 Don’t Stop The Music Gala at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta]! And my family and friends were like u can’t hide in the house forever! But my speech was still off I couldn’t form some words still…nor could I blink with my right eye! So I remained quiet and wore glasses! I remb people saying ” Why Does She Have On Shades At A Gala” And I was thinking heffa you HV no idea what it took for me to just stand here and breathe!!!! U never know what people are going thru but we’re so quick to judge! Sometimes we should just be quiet and let things BE!!!! #tboz #tlc#tlcarmy #tbeezy