While in the UK promoting their concert at KoKo and upcoming summer album, TLC found time to perform their hits at Tiffany & Co.’s HardWear Launch Party.

Held at The Lofts in London, guests of the invite-only event included Jade Parfitt, FKA Twigs, Pam Hogg, Edie Campbell, Charles Jeffrey, Kepta, Rafferty Law, Craig Green, and Ryan Lo.

TLC meanwhile brought fire to the stage with performances of hits including “No Scrubs,” “Diggin’ On You,” “Unpretty,” and “Waterfalls.”  

Model Erin O’Connor said she loved TLC’s vibe and look at the launch.  “I feel I’ve just been transported back 20 years,” she said.  Meanwhile, model Jade Parfitt explained that she grew up listening to TLC and was singing in the car on her way to the event.  

“We did the smashing of the glass earlier today with a huge gold ball, the unleashing of this new collection,” said Barratt West, vice-president and managing director of the UK and Ireland.  “This event for us is so cool.  This part of London is edgy, and a bit gritty, and a bit urban, which is really what the collection is all about.  Tiffany City HardWear is all about the streets.  It’s much more urban.”

Check out photos from the event below.