How will you incorporate Left Eye into the new TLC album?

“Well we’re trying to do some interludes,” says T-Boz.  “After exhausting 14 years of vocals of vocals and we used everything we could….she was on like a poetic type of vibe, and then she was on some street stuff with Suge who has the music, which we can’t get to. It’s hard to match up subject matter with style and all that.

We’re tryin’ to still figure something out but if not we’ll try to do interludes and everything we can. But either way we keep her memory alive through our music, through our shows and we incorporate her in everything every way we can.”

“We also have, I don’t know if I can say his name right now, but one of the features actually gave her a shout out too and it was really dope how he did it,” Chilli adds.