On Creating (& Not Recreating) TLC’s Sound:
It was another challenge goin’ into the studio lettin’ everybody know okay, bring us your best stuff. You’re creative, bring your best stuff. Don’t try to repeat what we’ve done. Once our sound is on there it becomes a TLC record. Once the lyrical content is where it needs to be, it’s a TLC record you know what I’m sayin’? [Chilli]

On The Album Progress:
It’s basically done.  We’re just mastering and fine tuning certain things. Like you know you might find somethin’ that needs an adlib, or a vocal that you didn’t like, or addin’ somebody to the song you know what I’m sayin’? But they’re done, they’re done.  [T-Boz]

TLC’s Label Situation:
We’re basically the label. We own all of our masters as well.  [T-Boz]