TLC’s 5th and final album is coming June 30, 2017!  In October TLC dropped a double single release on iTunes Japan for the songs “Joyride” and Haters,” with “Joyride” climbing to the number one spot on Japan’s iTunes R&B chart. TLC’s first single for the USA is called “Way Back” featuring Snoop Dogg and will be arriving soon!  The girls will be shooting the music video for “Way Back” April 18-20.  #DontHateJustWait #TLCIsComing

Updated 4/4/2017

“I’m tellin’ you, we have put our heart, sweat, blood, and tears into this last album.  It was a lot of pressure on one end because the people are waiting and we know the type of quality album that they want.  So we’re like, if we give you something that is not great that’s gonna be awful.  We couldn’t even……we would never do anything like that.  When we give it to you it’s something that we feel great about and we hope and pray that everybody will like it.” [September 2016]

Chilli (TLC)

“Greatest Female Group Ever and not done yet.  I am thrilled to let you know that the album is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of June and you will receive your advance album prior to that.  We are working out the official date in the next couple of weeks and once it is final we will notify you.” [February 2017]

“We have 15 new songs to share soon.  The best is definitely to come.” [June 2016]

“TLC are having meetings with distributors for the album release over the next few weeks, then they will know when to drop the first single! The wait is almost over, TLC have the best fans in the world! We’re on this journey together! #MTB” [August 2016]

Bill Diggins (TLC’s manager)

“The new music is incredible.” [June 2016]

Brian Amlani (T-Boz’s manager)

“I can tell you about the new music I’ve heard. It’s old soul music. It’s 90’s throwback music. It’s vintage TLC and I can tell you that their vocals sound EXACTLY the way they did the last time you heard them. Their artistic and vocal thing is 100% intact. So this is gonna become a question of what are they talking about, what are the lyrics, what are the beats they’ve chosen. And I’m very excited for the world to hear.” [January 2016]

Ron Fair (Executive Producer)


The New Album In Their Words:

TLC Manager Bill Diggins On Why The Album Took Longer Than Expected:
Let me explain why this album has taken longer than expected. When we decided to do the album it was based on a number of emotional decisions and one of the biggest was how you inspired Tboz and Chilli by your emails and texts asking them to do another album. At the time we had no music, no producers, no writers, and a few ideas. We also were in the middle of rehearsal’s for TLC’s first arena tour since The FanMail Tour and therefore on the road for most of the year. It was very important to establish TLC’s touring credibility and as most of you saw TLC live I am sure you agreed that we accomplished that goal. It took a lot more time to coordinate schedules with writers, TLC’s executive producer Ron Fair and recording sessions than anticipated. I could go on in more detail to explain how TLC’s touring, schedule, writing schedule and producing schedule was delayed but the simple fact is that Tboz & Chilli were inspired to make a record that they could be proud of and they would not settle for less and sometimes you just cannot rush art. They demanded of themselves a record that would stand up to the great body of work created in the past and that you would be proud of; because your belief and support is the greatest form of love and we want you to be proud.  Apologies about the wait…….  [February 2017]

On The New Album’s Title:
We need your help…let’s hear your suggestions for the album title! Tionne and Chilli are still undecided so looking to you for inspiration. [Bill Diggins April 2017]

We’re lettin’ everyone know that this our last album that we’re putting out. We do have the title – we do have it. [Chilli September 2016]

TLC On The Album Progress:
I’m nervous. I always get nervous before new material comes out because I want people to like it. Granted, when we put out two singles overseas in Japan and Australia they went number one in two days. That was a blessing. I was excited, but America is no joke, honey! Americans are wayyyyyyy picky! [T-Boz March 2017]

The album’s done and it’s bein’ mixed.  Right now it’s politics, you know?  And that part I’m waitin’ on, too cuz I’m ready to come for y’all!  I’m ready to do videos, I’m ready to do photo shoots!  I’m waiting as well.  It takes time to press albums up and get things rollin’ so.  We’re there.  But it’s done!  It’s done.  It’s done.  I’ma say this again cuz y’all keep Tweetin’ me.  IT IS DONE!  D-O-N-E done!  The album is done! [T-Boz January 2017]

I just finished my album with TLC. [T-Boz June 2016]

We are in the mixing stage: yeah, turn that up. Turn that down. I don’t like that vocal. Let’s do it over! I’m happy but I’m nervous. It’s a lot of pressure. Everybody’s like, ‘It had better be good! You made us wait all this time.’ And I’m like, uh … okay. But now, hey. You don’t gotta be rough on a sister. Sister’s trying, okay? [T-Boz August 2016]

And yes, we’re still mixing the album. We’re in the final stages. Still got a couple of tweakin’ of things to do as far as singin’ a song or two. But for the most part we’re about to wrap it all up. These things do take time that’s why it’s coming out next year. First quarter. That’s our hope and dream and that’s what we’re shooting for. I just wanna say I hope that you guys like the work that we’ve done and the things that we’re doing. We have some funny songs. [T-Boz September 2016]

A lot of the songs are bein’ mixed and they’re coming out really really really good y’all!  I’m feeling a lot better about this project every time I hear a song, so. It makes me feeeeeeeel gooooooood. It makes me feeeeeeeeeel goooooood.”  [T-Boz October 2016]

We have to get the songs mixed.  Being in the studio recording the new album, I’m so excited about it because it still has that authenticity there, the lyrical content, and the tracks are crazy. It’s today’s TLC, you know? I can’t wait until you hear it. I’m so excited. I’m nervous! We’re always nervous because you never really know! But I feel VERY good about what we’ve done. [Chilli September 2016]

Chilli On Whether The Album Is Coming In 2017:
Yes, definitely. Possibly a single before then but it has to be right. If it’s not right, we’re not lettin’ it out, ya know? [September 2016]

TLC On How Many Songs Will Be On The Album:
We’re only havin’ 12 songs.  Cuz you know you have to count interludes nowadays and they equal almost a song.  So they really wanted us to have 10 songs and I asked for 12. [T-Boz June 2016] [TLC’s manager stated in June that the album will have 15 tracks.]

What we’re doing now is we are getting all of the songs….we have about 14 songs but we want to narrow it down. We really just want a good 10. I’m happy that it’s a push and pull because we feel like we have a lot of great stuff. We just kinda gotta narrow it down.  [Chilli September 2016]

Chilli On Whether The Album Will Have Any Collaborations:
This particular song with Snoop….he is the perfect artist for this particular song.  We’re not going out trying to ‘Oh lets get Drake on this, lets…’  Cuz we are so not followers.  We really pride ourselves on being trendsetters.  [February 2017]

We do have a couple people in mind for maybe 3 songs. We’re hopin’ that we can get together with J. Cole, we have actually a couple songs for him to choose from so whatever he wants to do is fine with us! [September 2016]

T-Boz On Why TLC Released “Haters” & “Joyride” In Japan First:
One thing you have to understand y’all, this is not personal it’s a business.  This is our job.  The way that things worked out, which actually for us is perfect because we’re on a tour over here, but how awesome is it that they actually get to hear new music and we’re performing new music.  I just want y’all to know that America’s very important to us and it’s coming, as promised   [October 2016]

Chilli On The NEW 90’s Movement:
All I’ll say is that I’m so happy because this is a movement for us.  We stand up for girls, we don’t male-bash but we talk about ’em.  I feel like it’s been missing for a little while.  People are missin’ the 90’s era because it was a mixture of everything.  We’re bringin’ that back but it doesn’t sound old it’s just new TLC.  [June 2016]

T-Boz On What The New Album Will Sound Like:
The TLC sound! That’s what’s so awesome—we have our own sound. You will still get that high energy and great lyrical content. We’re talking about things that have substance, things that matter—and they will always be over a beat that you can jam to. [October 2016]

Chilli On Finding The Producers & Talent:
We have Ron Fair that is overseeing everything with this.  He reached out with people.  We met with EMI & all their producers.  We had a writing camp in LA, we started there first.  Once people hear they just kinda come out and you get your best stuff and then you listen and you weed all the yucky stuff out.  And then I was like, we gotta have [a writing camp] in Atlanta because obviously this is our home.  Gotta have that feel.  Woooooooo!  I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do!  We’re dancers too and we’re gonna make up some new dances and stuff.  I’m just so inspired!  We’re talkin’ CRAP.  It’s good stuff.  [June 2016]

T-Boz On Atlanta Producers Working On The Album:
Yeah, but I don’t wanna say nobodies names yet cuz what if they don’t make the cut?  But yeah we have Atlanta producers.  My brother is actually on there he’s a great producer, his name is K.O.  He got some bomb songs on there.  [June 2016]

Chilli On The New Songs:
I’m tellin’ you.  We [myself and T-Boz] were sittin’ in the car last night listenin’ to it….we’re so excited.  Aw man, there’s this one, it’s called…..I don’t even wanna say the name, Tionne might kill me I don’t know!  It’s a trip!  [June 2016]

T-Boz On Her Favorite Songs On The Album:
I like one called Way Back because it’s authentic TLC. That’s the rawest T-Boz, like back in the day T-Boz, like CrazySexyCool T-Boz. Way Back. Way Back, Way Back, heyyyy!  That one I like because it’s just so TLC and what we’re talkin’ about. Way Back just sounds like authentic TLC.The album is still lyrically strong as far as lyrical content because you know that’s what we’re into. There’s a song called ‘American Gold’ that’s really deep and it kind of dives into the politics and the stuff with the cops and the black men. It basically said we fight for our country but our country hasn’t been fightin’ for us. We wanna be unified and come together and fight for this american gold. You know be proud to be an American and stand on this soil. And be proud for what our troops have died for. So that song is deep.  There’s another song. One that I like, it’s called “Ay Muthafucka.” I like that song because it’s different. What I’m talkin about when I wrote it, it’s kinda where I’m at with men. You know a long time ago like I said I probably would’ve punched you in the face. But now, I’m like I’ma just turn the other cheek and just go ‘Ay Muthafucka’ and go on about my way.  [January 2017]

Chilli On TLC’s New Song “Perfect Girls:”
We have this one song titled “Perfect Girls,” and it’s basically about this whole Instagram thing.  There are some people that have those lights on their phone so the lighting is absolutely perfect.  I get it, but……we’re basically saying nobody’s perfect.  You wipe down all the filters because you gotta find the right filter and it’s this and it’s that, and by the time the picture comes out it really doesn’t look like you.  There are no perfect girls.  We touch on that.  [June 2016]

T-Boz On Whether TLC Still Cares About Album Sales:
It’s a combination of everything. We’re artists and we’re competitive, too, so we also want to do well. Those anxieties reside in every artist… If we climb up the charts, that’d be cool, as long as it’s real; that we did it because of the quality of our music, and not just the number of followers we have.

Chilli On Making This Album Right:
What we’re not gonna do is rush and put out crap because then you’re gonna be upset.  We take this position very seriously.  We’re blessed to have the catalog that we have and we just wanna be able to add to that.  Those songs gotta be up to certain standards!  [June 2016]

TLC On Being Nervous For The New TLC Album:
I’m nervous every time.  Every time.  I’ve never been cocky, not once in my life because you never know if they’re going to embrace it.  You hope and you think……but y’all I be nervous.  I just said that to my brother and my mom last night, “Oh my God I’m gettin’ so nervous!”  I hope y’all like what we’ve done.  [T-Boz June 2016]

We go into the studio with the mindset of simply wanting to make something great. We want to have the lyrical content down pat, the beats have to be there. However, sometimes you think or believe that you have put up some great material, but the truth is, you have no idea if people are going to accept it or what. You just have to have confidence… and pray! It’s also important for us to stay true to the TLC sound, and not get  caught up with the latest trends.
[Chilli October 2016]

Chilli On Whether TLC Will Release The Album With A Record Label:
We’re doing all of this out of the box. We’re not with a label. We went through Kickstarter.  Our fans….basically this is their album! They did this! We’re just making sure that we’re connected with the right people once we put it out and it’s pushed properly because obviously we want a success. We don’t wanna fail or anything like that. If we did go with a record label….the fact that we did the album the way that we did it we own everything. You see what I’m sayin’? We own this so a deal would be totally on our terms and fair and that whole thing. We won’t be in a bad situation like we’ve been in in the past. [September 2016]

Ron Fair [executive producer] On Incorporating Left Eye Into The Album:
You know this is unfortunately from a tragic point of view there is no replacement for somebody like that. If they tried to put another person in her place it would be cheeseball. We’re not gonna pander to that. There’s NOTHING that can replace her. And the high road is really to persevere and to acknowledge that it’s a space that cannot be filled.  [January 2016]

TLC On Incorporating Left Eye:
Even with this new album, I think we’re gonna have some type of tribute, but there are no more raps that we can use to put on anything.  And really at this point, and its taken us a while to get here……myself and Tionne, we’re the new TLC.  This is it.  And we always pay tribute to her in our concerts and stuff like that.  We’ll forever do that.  But if we wanna continue to move forward, we gotta listen to what that says.  We gotta move forward.  It doesn’t mean that she’s not a part of it because we’re not changing the name.  We’re still T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli. [Chilli February 2017]

It’s so hard because her rap style was more poetic. Which was totally different. She was calling herself NINA as a rapper when she was with Suge Knight, which was real unique, okay? [laughs]  It doesn’t match so we’re really trying to put something together because we’ve kind of exhausted everything else. It’s been 14 years and this year will be 15, so 15 years of tryin’ to find stuff to make it work. So we’re tryin’ to figure it out. When I say I’m tryin’ every day….I’m tryin’. My best. [T-Boz January 2017]

Of course she’s not here physically but we always find a way to keep her involved. I wouldn’t say the whole album will be without Left Eye. We will work on what we can. [T-Boz September 2016]

I believe if she was still alive she would just be a part of this also.  We probably would have put out a couple albums within the time that she’s been gone, ya know? I just think that it would’ve been…. It’s crazy because even though it’s been so long since she passed away, at moments it feels like it was just yesterday. TLC is T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli. No you can’t physically see her, but…..I think that the fans feel her. [Chilli September 2016]

Actually on the last album after she passed away we went through a lot of her raps and used those then. I don’t think so because we’ve already done that. [Chilli September 2016 on whether unreleased raps will be included]

Chilli On A Vegas Residency & Left Eye Hologram:
Because [a hologram is] so expensive if you’re travelling……when you have to break all that stuff down and put it back together it’s very pricey.  Our goal is to have a residency in Vegas, and to me a Vegas show could make that happen.  It’s a one cost kinda deal and that makes more sense.  We’re definitely gonna make sure the business side is straight and we get everything that we want and we just put on a phenomenal show for everybody.  [June 2016]

Chilli On Company Promotional Partnerships:
We’re definitely going to partner with a company that has that type of engine to push the album at radio and all that kind of stuff. It’s cool that we’re able to walk in and say “Here. Here’s the record.” So at this point whoever we do a deal with, we’re only gonna do a deal with someone who falls totally in love with the music. So it’s not just somebody wantin’ to “OK well we’ll sign TLC because they’re TLC.” No, we want somebody to be excited about this music and believe in it and all that you know….because that’s how it works.”

I can’t put a whole bunch of information out there but everything’s lookin’ really good! We got some really good news today from our manager. It’s gonna be really cool once everything comes out because I think what we’re doing is going to inspire a lot of artists to do it this way. These days you have to be so creative. You’ve seen it with other big artists like with Drake and his partnerships, and Taylor Swift. All of those guys and the different things that they do to bring awareness for people to get excited about their stuff. That’s kinda the stuff we’ve always done. We’ve never really followed a blueprint on how to release our music or the type of music that we put out or how we dress. The whole thing. We just kinda do what we feel. [September 2016]

TLC On Whether This Is Truly The Final TLC Album:
I mean last. I mean last. It sounds strange I know to people. And I’m not gonna say….I know some people come out and they really plan it like “Yeah, this is my last retirement blah blah blah.” And it’s just a promotional thing or for publicity. I’m not gonna say that I will never do music again or it’s over. Of course I’m still gonna sing. I hope to do a residency with TLC cuz we have a body of work. And that’s a blessing to be able to say that we have the catalog that you can perform timeless music hopefully for some years to come. But I won’t say if something comes along that I’ll turn away from it, but I do need to transition into other things and wrap this stuff up it can’t go on forever. Two and a half decades. 25 years.  [T-Boz March 2017]

I think it’s time to wrap this part up.  It’s a blessing to have timeless music because you can do things like residencies, and still get paid for all the work you put in beforehand. That’s an awesome job.  [T-Boz August 2016]

As of right now, we’re pretty sure this is the last album.  What we want to do is add to our catalog. We’re very blessed to have one, and we want to add new music. Our fans want new music from us. After our movie came out, the requests were through the roof. We paid attention to that. When our manager told us about Kickstarter, that’s when we knew it was the right moment. [Chilli February 2015]

Maybe 99.9% [sure].  That little .1% chance that we could possibly do another TLC album after this one. [Chilli November 2016]

I would never look at this as our final statement: it could be the last album but it doesn’t mean it’s the last people will see of us.  As long as that fire is inside you to do it, that’s when you have a really good chance of it working. If you’re doing it just because you think you should, there is no magic in that.” [Chilli November 2016]

And everybody who gets upset every time we say this is our last album, that doesn’t mean that’s the last you’ll see of us. It doesn’t mean we’re retiring completely.  You can only go on with this legacy for so long. Sometimes you have to hang up your coat like Michael Jordan and gracefully bow out, you guys. You know?
But there’s other things in life that I want to do. I have other goals, other dreams, other aspirations. I have children, I have things that I wanna do with them. I’ve given my life, 24 almost 25 years of my life to TLC. It’s time to do some other things.  Now, will I say if something comes up will I turn it down? Maybe not. If there’s a residency will I do it? Probably! It’s not said that everything is dead and gone and nothing will happen. You’ll see a lot of both of us individually and collectively.  So don’t get sad. It’s just another chapter and another journey of our life. Enjoy this joyride, because it really is a joyride. You know what I’m sayin’? For real! It’s a good thing, a good thing OK!?  [T-Boz November 2016]

*All information and quotes came from TLC themselves in various interviews via radio, television, and social media.


Recorded Tracks:

1. “(No) Introduction”
Written by Candace Wakefield, E. Brown, & Knotch
Produced by Dunlap Rothschild aka DunlapExclusive
Recorded 2016.  According to fans who were able to visit the studio, this is a track you’d hear in the clubs.  The track was originally in discussion to be the first single.  In 201, T-Boz answered a CyberTLC question on LiVideo and said that “(No) Introduction” is in the running for the first single!  TLC premiered this song live during their Japan tour in October 2016, however a studio version has not yet been released.  In 2017, T-Boz said “No Introduction we kinda opened the overseas tour with that.  And it’s basically lettin’ everybody know we’re back.  Ya know?  Don’t need no introduction if you know what I mean, you know what we’re about.  If you don’t know we’ll remind you.  Never heard of it, we’ll show you.”

2. “American Gold”
Written by Candace Wakefield & E. Brown. Co-written by T-Boz.
Produced by Kayo
Recorded 2016.  Lyrics can be found HERE.  A Twitter fan asked T-Boz if they had a song that talks about issues such as the racial tension in the US.  “A song called American Gold,” said T-Boz.  As of August 2016, “American Gold” is the only TLC track for the new album to have been submitted to ASCAP. In September of 2016 T-Boz talked a bit about the song, saying “My brother wanted to hear his mix of the song he produced called ‘American Gold.’  That song is pretty deep and it’s real and it goes to kinda like what’s goin’ on in the world today in America.  It speaks to that.  I hope you guys like that song.”

3. “Haters”
Written by Bryan Jarett/Daniel Ullmann/Steve Dresser
Recorded 2016.  TLC released this song on iTunes Japan ahead of their tour in October where it went to #4 on the R&B charts.  According to T-Boz, the reason they released “Haters” and “Joyride” to the Japanese market first was based on a business decision.  TLC also performed the song on tour.  “I call it the Taylor Swift song because it’s so poppy.  Basically haters are gonna hate and you gotta go on living your life and not care about that cuz they gon’ talk anyway.  Misery loves company.  Whoever made that line up is brilliant.”

4.  “Perfect Girls (Aren’t Real)”
Unknown Writers
Recorded 2016.  According to Chilli, this song is about Instagram and social media when people try to look perfect with various filters and effects.  “Basically it’s saying nobody is perfect,” says Chilli.

5.  “Joy Ride”
Written by Rose Gold
Produced by Tipz & Knotch

Recorded 2016.  “We have this song called ‘Joyride’ and it’s dedicated to the fans because you have taken this wonderful ride with us through thick and thin, good and bad you have been there.  So that’s dedicate
d to you guys,” explains T-Boz.  “One of my favs,” according to Chilli.  TLC released this song on iTunes Japan ahead of their tour in October where it went to #4 on the R&B charts.  According to T-Boz, the reason they released “Haterz” and “Joyride” to the Japanese market first was based on a business decision.  TLC also performed the song on tour.  “It’s basically a thank you to the fans. Thanking you for being on this long journey and ride with us throughout our career. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you,” said T-Boz.

6. “Hey Muthafucka/Ay Muthafucka”
Co-written by T-Boz
Recorded 2016.  It’s one of the more recent tracks TLC recorded for the album. Also known as “Ay Muthafucka.”  According to T-Boz in 2017, “Got a song called “Ay Muthafucka.” It’s kinda like where I am today with men. A long time ago I probably would’ve bopped you upside your head and cut ya twice! But nowadays? I’ll just turn the other cheek and be like “You lost a good one muthafucka!” So it’s like “Ay Muthafucka!”

7. “Way Back” f/Snoop Dogg
T-Boz & James Abrahart
Produced by D’Mile
Recorded 2016.  T-Boz mentioned this track title October 2016 via Twitter, saying “But we’re coming FOR SURE songs like Way Back… Sunny… No Introduction and American Gold!”  T-Boz also says “Way Back” is her favorite song on the album.  “I like one called ‘Way Back’ because it’s authentic TLC. That’s the rawest T-Boz, like back in the day T-Boz, like CrazySexyCool T-Boz. Way Back. Way Back, Way Back, heyyyy!”  In March 2017 the song was premiered playing in the background of scenes on FOX’s hit show STAR.  Afterwards T-Boz told fans “It’ll be a single.”  Chilli also confirmed “Way Back” as the first single featuring Snoop Dogg.

8. “It’s Sunny”
Written by Rose Gold, Ron Fair, & T-Boz
Recorded 2016.  T-Boz mentioned this track title October 2016 via Twitter, saying “But we’re coming FOR SURE songs like Way Back… Sunny… No Introduction and American Gold!”  “Joyride” songwriter Rose Gold said in November that she worked with Ron Fair on the song “Sunny” as well.  The track appeared on ASCAP’s website in December, listing the working title as “It’s Sunny” rather than just “Sunny.”  TLC performed part of the song in December 2016 for Taraji’s White Hot Christmas special.

9. “Start A Fire”
Unknown Writers
Recorded 2016.  

10. “Brave”
Unknown Writers
Rumored to have been recorded for TLC’s upcoming album.  Supposedly it has a beat that is very hard. 

11. “Bang”
Unknown Writers
Recorded 2016 early in the album process – may not appear on the new album.  A pop/rock fusion with a Pink/Linda Perry vibe.

12. “Oh Honey” (Dallas Austin)
Written & Produced by Dallas Austin
Re-recorded 2016 – may not appear on the new album.  “Oh Honey” (also known as “Honey”) was originally recorded for the CrazySexyCool album, but word has it the girls were looking at re-recording it for TLC’s upcoming album.  According to T-Boz, “My mom likes this song I did with Dallas, too, y’all never heard it.  I did it way back in the CrazySexyCool days.  It’s like a classic Prince song and it’s called ‘Oh Honey.’ ‘Oh Honey’ is the name of it, OK?'”

13. “Breaking Bad”
Recorded 2013 for the scrapped TLC album – may not appear on the new album.  “…an angsty, guitar-driven pop-rock ballad.”  Lyrics by T-Boz include, “If I die before I wake, at least I know I lived for something.  If this breath is the last I take, I don’t want it to be for nothing.”

14. “Pretty Little Scar”
Written by T-Boz
Recorded 2013 for the scrapped TLC album – may not appear on the new album.  A song T-Boz wrote about the mark left behind after a 2006 operation to remove a brain tumor.

15. “If I Need It” (Interlude)
Written by KT
Recorded 2016 by TLC – will NOT appear on the new album.  The girls have said the album will have interludes, and this is one that was recorded.  An early demo was heard by fans without TLC’s vocals and lyrics include, “Cuz if i need it in the middle of the mornin’ all up in the evenin’ wit’ you I’ll be creepin’….”  This interlude was ultimately not chosen to be included on the final TLC album.

16. “P.O.S.H. Life”
Written by Lady Gaga
Produced by Dallas Austin
Recorded 2013 for the scrapped TLC album – may not appear on the new album.  According to T-Boz in an August 2016 interview, “Watkins says she is still unsure if it will make the final cut for this album, but insists ‘it was an honor and a privilege to be involved with her on any level.'”  POSH stands for Patiently Only Serving Him. The GaGa version of this song leaked online, but not the TLC version. Gaga said she thought it fit TLC so well and gave it to them.  “Lady Gaga actually recorded a song TLC-vibish, but she was like, ‘I don’t want to disrespect the girls,’ and we were like, ‘girl, let’s do something with it,’ T-Boz revealed. “And so, she was just so excited…It was so funny [hearing] her [sing] like us, so hilarious. So I was just like, ‘why not sing it then?’ And she was just like so excited and we’re excited.”