Looking for an amazing piece of TLC history to call your very own?  Well, here’s the absolute ULTIMATE collectible you could own as a fan – T-Boz’s camouflaged onesie she wore during her sold-out T-Boz Unplugged 2017 show with Da Brat, Naughty By Nature, Angie Vee, and Snoop Dogg!

The onesie was created and designed by Brea Stinson, TLC’s stylist.  To make it even that much cooler, T-Boz is going to autograph it for you (and she might even personalize it if you ask nicely).  Oh, and did I mention the auction is exclusively for DemTLCFans?!  How’s that for loving her fans, she’s selling the clothes off her own back!  Ha!

Bidding ends Thursday, February 2nd at 8:00pm CST and is currently sitting at $600 after a night of back-and-forth bids among hopeful TLC fans.  If you’d like to place a bid of your own, send an e-mail to Chris@CyberTLC.World for further details on this exclusive auction currently taking place.  Happy bidding TLC fans!